The Perfect Advent Calendar, At Least Perfect For A Cheese Lover

Our son gave us a wrapped gift on Sunday with instructions to keep it in the fridge and open it today. Got a text from him last night reminding me that we were to open it today. Kind of guessed it must be some kind of an advent thing but keeping it in the fridge was different. Given his sense of humor it could of been a book and he was just having a laugh at us. When we opened it this morning it was an advent calendar.

I have expressed on my blog how much I love Cheese, and that means all cheeses. Think over the years I have eaten well over fifty different cheeses. Still, there are lots of cheese I haven’t tried and lately English cheeses have been what I look for. Surprising given my heritage but I have only tried five English cheeses. Was nice to see the cheese advent calendar was English cheese and only one of the cheeses I have had before. About twenty years ago I was able to try Double Gloucester which was nice and I thought would be great on a hamburger.

For the last month I have been looking on our weekly shopping trip for Red Leicester but no luck. Seen it on a English tv show and was intrigued with how they described it. So first cheese for me out of the calendar was Red Leicester. Found they had drastically under described it on the tv show. Yes it is a smooth cheese that is slightly nutty but I found more to it. It also was surprisingly sharp and salty on the back of the tongue, with a buttery mouth feel. It is just a great cheese that I will buy everytime I can find it.

Over the years we have had lots of different advent calendars, all contained chocolate which is a good thing. Now if you’re a cheese lover like I am a cheese advent calendar is the absolute perfect advent calendar.

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  1. A_Boleyn says:

    I’m jealous as I love cheeses too. We used to have a cheese seller at the city market (closed down about 5-6 yrs ago) and I still remember trying out different cheeses including Five Counties with alternating yellow/orange and white English cheeses , Morbier with the ash layer dividing the cheese made from the morning and afternoon milkings and a black truffle Brie. And a very uniquely shaped goat cheese called Chevre de Philpott (Philpott Goat Dairy) which had plastic straws surrounding the outside and a creamy white center with a more pungent, shiny area just under the rind.

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