A Simple Thing That Holds Great Memories

This morning I found myself thinking about Christmases when I was young. There are so many great memories of Christmas that I hold close to my heart. I grew up with a large family around me and being the youngest memories of my whole family together at our parents are special memories. There is one of seeing the look of pure joy on my mother’s face when everyone was there Christmas Eve and the pile of presents stretched out about ten feet in front of the tree. Christmas morning was a madhouse as the grandkids were tearing open their presents. My mother’s face still held that expression of pure joy and you could clearly see how happy she was surrounded by the mess. I remember thinking how can someone be that happy when everything was so messy.

Now that we have grandkids, on Christmas morning I see that same joy and happiness surrounding my wife. I may not show it as clearly as my wife does but it is just as great in me. This Christmas we get to embrace those feelings again and enjoy our family more than they will realize until they have grandchildren of their own.

Since I was thinking about my mother it seemed fitting that my lunch was something that fills my mind with her. Melted cheese with toast is such a ridiculously simple thing yet it is one of the most enjoyable things to eat. Normally I keep it super simple like today but I have made it a little fancy. You can easily turn it into a shared appetizer by sprinkling it with chives, or olives, or anything you like and serving it with garlic toast. The reason it is such a special thing for me is in the first post I did about it. It was a nice morning of memories and a special lunch for me

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