It’s Christmas Cookie Season

This time of the year I don’t do much playing in the kitchen, it’s Christmas cookie season. You will never hear me complain about it because of a number of reasons. The house always smells fantastic when my wife is baking cookies and when they’re decorated the always look incredible. Oh! and there is that other small thing, I get to eat the imperfect ones. Every year I hope that there are lots of imperfect cookies.

This year Christmas is going to be close to normal for us. Still, covid will make us careful with what we do, but are family Christmas is back. Actually it has been close to normal since the late summer. We have been able to have our family birthday meals and even Thanksgiving. Sunday was our son Ian’s birthday supper and it is great being able to have the whole family together for it. Simple things like a family meal give so much more joy after the last year and a half.

I grew up in a large family and family meals always meant a few hours sitting around the table talking. The open concept we have in our new house, for some reason, draws everyone directly to the table. Since much of my time before we eat has always been in the kitchen it’s nice to now be in basically the same room. Now I get to sit at the table and have a glass of wine with everyone and still look after my kitchen duties. Christmas this year starting with breakfast is going to be a close to normal fun day.

Since our sons birthday supper was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding which is one of my earliest posts there is no recipe for it. Still have one thing that everyone should try. Mashed potatoes is something that is great if the gravy is good. A few months ago I had planned on making roasted garlic mashed potatoes and thought I had roasted garlic in the fridge. It was to late to roast some when I found out there wasn’t any. For some reason I decided I would just put garlic cloves in the water and boil it with the potatoes. The outcome was great, the potatoes actually had a better taste than with roasted garlic. Now it is what I do every time I make mashed potatoes. Really simple just add 2 cloves for every 3 potatoes and leave them in when you mash the potatoes. Other thing is it makes the house smell great, at least it does if you like garlic like our family does.

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