I am not a formally trained cook, I  am just a father who loves to play with food. I find cooking is my way of showing my family how much I love them. Making a meal that my  family, and friends enjoy eating gives me a feeling of pride. Its pure fun thinking of new meals I can make for them.

My mind is to say the least is a little weird, and warped when it comes to food. I create a recipe in my mind, and I can taste what it would be like. So now I cook from my mind not a cook book. Weird  part is I can remember all the ingredients for a recipe I haven’t made for years.

This blog is for my family to have the recipes for the food I have forced them to eat all these years. As I have gotten older I have realized there needed be a record of what I have cooked .

My original idea was to do it on word and make cook books for my kids. Was a good idea, but that is now old school, everyone now uses their computer or phone. Also I know my kids, they would lose them. Realized that I needed  something my grandkids could have also. Wondered if other people would like my recipes so thanks to my son Ian this blog was born. He says it will be around for 100 years. Hope people who find it think it’s not to goofy and weird.

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  1. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that I wrote this. We’re headed down parallel paths, it seems. Nice blog!

  2. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you.

    My mind works like yours. Recipes just come to my mind, and I can taste them. Then I just cook out of my mind. I can recall the ingredients of a recipe my great grandmother made when I was ten, and I can re-create it. People always ask me for recipes, but I don’t measure anything. I started my blog, as a dedication to the women who taught me to cook, after my mom passed away. The hardest part was creating the recipes. I would put a spice in my palm and think that is a teaspoon. Then I would measure it and it turned out to be a teaspoon. I was surprised at how accurate my palm and eyeball measurements were.

    I will follow you since our minds have the same weird quirk.

    • Yes I rarely measure anything and did much the same as you when I started my blog, poured what was in my palm into a measuring spoon. I find recreating the memory of how the food of my youth tasted, don’t have the actual recipe but with a little playing I make it taste close. Have fun with your blog.

  4. thank you for reading my blog – love your sense of humor (American spelling!)

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