Leftover Roast Pork Loin Sandwich

Picked up a whole pork loin on the weekend. They are always a great thing to purchase if you’re willing to do a little butchering. This one cost me 16 dollars and I cut it into a roast, chops, and stew meat. Ended up with enough for 8 meals for 2 people. You can do the math on that easily, it makes for very inexpensive meal. The thick end I always use for a roast, middle portion is always chops, thinner end makes great stew meat. with this pork loin I was able to get 10 chops all about 1 inch thick. The roast was large enough for 2 meals, which I cooked Monday for supper. The leftovers was last night’s supper. With leftover Roast wether it’s pork or beef I reheat it in the leftover gravy. Both my wife and myself like the leftovers done that way. Nice part for me was there was still for sliced of roast left for my lunch today.

Wether it is pork or beef the leftovers covered with the gravy make a great toasted sandwich. The little bit of gravy that remains on the meat makes the sandwich a hundred times better than if you just had the meat sliced. Still a simple lunch and a quick lunch which is what I like. So make some toast, reheat the meat in the microwave. My way is a little different, once the toast is ready butter it and salt and pepper each slice. Mustard on both pieces, add the reheated meat and you have a great sandwich. I have been having sandwiches this way for years. Even with leftover turkey I will cover it with some gravy and reheat it. Next time you have leftover roast give it a try.

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6 Responses to Leftover Roast Pork Loin Sandwich

  1. We too bought a pork loin this week..it was on offer and was prime meat…pink, not red.
    I have divided it into roasts, portions for smoking, chops and stir fry slices. We grab these wnen we can!

  2. Our local cavery does a nice Roast Pork Sandwich with gravy or Apple sauce and adds a piece of crackling 😋

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