In Remembrance, Doing The Right Thing.

I have had 2 very special things for a very long time. Two very brave men gave their lives in WW1, those men were my great uncles, Farquhar and Aleaxander Stewart. I have had their WW1 Memorial Crosses for years. The medals hold a very special place in my heart and I have kept them safe. Will admit I hadn’t opened the case they’re in for about 15 years, but every Remembrance Day for at least 40 years I have thought of their sacrifice. Remembrance Day I hold as a very special day and have spoken harshly to those who don’t respect it. Respect for those who have given their lives in wars is something we should all have.

For years I have thought about what would happen to the Memorial Crosses when I was gone. I have seen so many different medals sold because of there monetary worth. Others I imagine have been trashed or even melted down. These crosses I never wanted to have that fate. Hoped one of our children would join the military but that didn’t happen. So I thought at some point I would give them to a military museum, that would insure there safety. Luckily that changed and another solution presented itself.

One of my nephew’s joined the military which surprised me. So I thought if he stuck with it then he should have them. The military teaches how important those people who have given their lives in war are. I have seen in Colin that those feelings are part of his soul as they are in mine. Was thinking, now that he has retired I should give them to him one of these years. This became the year, because his son Ryan is now in the military. Now I can pass these special Memorial Crosses on and they stay in the family and will be passed on and kept safe. Have to admit it is a great feeling to know I have done my part keeping them safe and I am giving them to the right person. Brave men like Farquhar and Aleaxander need their memory kept, and I see no better person to do it than their great great nephew. After all these years my job is done, now it’s Colin’s job.

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