Had An Interesting Morning So Had A Very Good Lunch

Spent most of my morning researching something on the internet. Hunting for information is something I do often and this I had 2 things I wanted information on. First one I found a little bit of stuff but not as much as I would of liked. The other one was on my favourite show, The Curse Of Oak Island. Found that the new season starts on November 4, so now I have something to watch when hockey is over. Since it was lunch time when I got off the computer it was time to see what I could have. My lunches tend to normally the simplest thing I can think of. Cereal, ramen noodles, simple sandwiches, and sometimes just cheese and pickles. Today I wanted something a little better than those. Omelettes I really like and even make them for supper sometimes. You can change them up with different cheeses, meats, and even vegetables. You can even top them with different things. Today, no topping, I just wanted it plain. So cheese, thinly sliced tomato and that was it. My omelettes I like lots of pepper, so they get well peppered before I turn them over. So no recipe just a tip. When I use tomato I slice them as thin as I can, if they are thick they don’t heat up. With tomatoes I cover only one half of the omelette with tomato and the cheese goes on the other half. I cover the pan and when the cheese is melted I turn the cheese side on top of the tomato side. This keeps the tomatoes in place. Even when I am using different meats or vegetables it’s the same thing. Any type of omelettes make a great lunch and today I totally enjoyed my lunch. So if you looking for something for lunch and have cheese in the fridge try an omelette.

Yes I salt and peppered my toast.

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This is me on a bad day.
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