Today Is Breakfast For Supper, So A Fun Meal

Tonight we are having breakfast for supper, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I know it had to be in a restaurant because I know it has been 15 years since I cooked it. We have had bacon and eggs for lunch a few times but it seems to end up as a supper for us. After our children had moved out we seemed to make it a supper thing. I have came to realize that once your children move out you kind of eat a lot of breakfast things for supper. We have had omelettes often with back bacon, and yes it BACK BACON not Canadian bacon. Tonight it’s just regular bacon since that is what I have. The hash browns I make, no store purchased ones. Hash browns are a very simple thing, either grated or cut in small cubes. It’s just a potato which are always in the house, so why buy a bag of frozen things. So my wife will have poached eggs on toast because that is what she likes. Mine are going to be fried, have the bacon fat anyway, and a good fried egg is a treat. My toast will be pumpernickel since I have some in the freezer. My wife hasn’t told me yet what kind of toast she wants. If you have never done the breakfast for supper thing you really should. It’s just a fun supper. No pictures because everyone knows what bacon and eggs should look like.

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