Mushroom, Cheese, And Green Onion Omelette

This is just another rolled omelette, so why another post. There are a number of reasons why rolling an omelette is a better way to have an omelette. One specific reason hits a pet peeve of mine. I like eating my food when it is hot not luke warm. Something yes I like having them cold but when I cook something I want it hot. That’s why my pictures aren’t pretty things, I could fuss around making it pretty but it’s my lunch or supper. I want to eat it before it starts to get cold so I just quickly take a picture. The omelette is the perfect example, I could of cleaned the gob of ketchup, but eating it was worth more than the picture.

Since I started rolling my omelettes I have found it actually stays hotter. As much as I like omelettes it has always bugged me that they were basically at room temperature when I took the last bite. Folding it just in half allowed it to cool off quickly. You need a very good non-stick frying pan to be able to roll it then it isn’t hard to do. It is worth doing if you like your food hot.

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