The Sound Of Crickets

I’ve been sitting outside on our front porch this afternoon because it’s kind of a perfect day. We had a major rain storm come through last night so everything smells clean. It’s 26 degrees with a 7 kph breeze with the sun shining. Sometimes just the simple things of summer makes the day perfect.

After all the years living in the city you tend to forget the sounds of growing up in the country. Crickets, yes those little black insects that you rarely see or hear in the city. Sitting on our front this afternoon in the quiet all I could hear was the crickets and the birds. After a rain crickets always seem to be more active and it seems there are more of them. I find it one of the most relaxing things to just sit and listen to the crickets sing. It seems to actually make a person feel better and at peace with the world.

Crickets for a lot of cultures are good omens, good luck, and healthful things not just insects. When you listen to them in the quiet it’s easy to see why. Somewhere I actually have a cricket cage that was a gift. In some places in Asia people keep cricket in their homes for good luck and prosperity. I appreciated the gift of the cricket cage and understand it’s meaning. So crickets are not just little black insects they are good things to have around.

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  1. We have one here in Costa Rica whch sounds like an electric drill on overdrive…luckily he doesn’t start up every day. The others are soothing.

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