Ugly Vegetables

These vegetables may not be pretty to look at but does that really matter. They are still great tasting vegetables and that’s what matters when we eat them.

A few years ago I watched a Jamie Oliver cooking show and part of it was about the amount of vegetables that got wasted. The produce buyers for large supermarkets only wanted the vegetables that looked perfect. The farmers ended up with a portion of their crop that ended up rotting in the field. I was shocked at the account of waste there was. In England he was trying to get the supermarkets to sell the ugly vegetables as well as the perfect ones. I considered this to be a great idea, especially for the farmers and consumers. It’s taking a few years but they are becoming available in some of the supermarkets here and when I find them I buy them. Summertime here I go to the market gardens and you get what ever is picked, ugly or perfect. If you have a garden, you don’t throw the ugly vegetables out, you eat them. We all should be buying ugly vegetables any time we see them. The best part of buying ugly vegetables is they not only help the farmers, there cheaper.

Honestly I can’t figure out where the need for perfect vegetables came from. Most vegetables are cut up for cooking and eating so what does it matter what it looks like. I actually find it kind of funny that perfect vegetables have become so important to the supermarkets. Thankfully they are starting to sell all vegetables not just the pretty ones

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