An Unexpected But Very Pleasant Benefit Of Wearing A Mask

We went grocery shopping today and as we always do a mask is part of our trips out. Normally we go on a Sunday morning but have other plans for Sunday morning. Surprisingly the stores weren’t all that busy, likely because it is a crappy day. The temperature is minus -2 c with a 35 k wind with gusts to 60. To say the least it isn’t a nice day. Halloween is always a crap shoot, seen very warm, very cold, rainy, and even a snow storm for it. Never seen it this windy on Halloween. Not many would of ventured far in this weather so having it kind of cancelled isn’t much of a loss. Since it was very cold with the wind as I was walking from were we parked I realized something. With my mask on my face wasn’t cold. Immediately I realized that this winter I wouldn’t be freezing my face off when we go shopping. So if you live in a cold climate, like we do, a mask has a very nice benefit, it’s going to keep your face warm. So three cheers for facemasks in the winter. So if you think wearing a mask is a terrible things your wrong, especially if you live were we do.

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This is me on a bad day.
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