Our Children Are Very Good Cooks, I Might Be A Bad Influence

4F9BBB62-C94C-4551-B36E-8748CF210E84613F7E56-B1D0-42C0-A5B4-182131A9D208I don’t say enough about how good our children cook. They are excellent cooks and the best part is they challenge themselves to make new and different things. Sometimes think I should have them posting on here also. Only problem with that is they might show me up. It may be a father’s ego only, but I think my craziness in the kitchen may have influenced them. If I did I’ll take that as being a good thing. Over the years I have seen them be very creative with the food they make. They all best me when it comes to deserts, I’ll say that’s only because I don’t do deserts. There’s a bad part to them being such good cooks, they text me pictures of what they cook. Actually I like getting the pictures because I am proud of them, and it is a good feeling to see their creativity. I have never saved the pictures before, but I decided it was a good idea if I did. So I posted them because it’s fun to do it. The first picture is a stuffed spaghetti squash with a meat stuffing with taco seasoning and tomato sauce. The other one is a porchetta made with pork loin and chimichurri. Both are creative and show them thinking outside the box. To say the least I am a very proud father.

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This is me on a bad day.
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