Whistle Dogs

Reread my last post and realized I should explain why my whistle dogs are messy. Whistle dogs are something I first had years ago at A&W . I would rather have a hotdog than a hamburger which my wife finds totally weird. A&W was my drive in of choice because of the whistle dogs and root beer. Now they don’t have whistle dogs on the menu, still go to have the root beer. So my messy whistle dogs are a little different than A&W whistle dogs. I take a toasted bun and smear it heavily with cheese whiz (which my wife thinks is a terrible product) then 2 slices of bacon one on each side. I fry the European wiener in bacon fat. Once the wiener is in the bun top it with mustard and relish. Next add hot banana pepper rings and sour kraut. The only way to eat it is holding it at one end with your one finger holding the wiener in. The cheese whiz kind of acts like grease and the wiener will squirt out if you don’t hold it in place. My whistle dogs are a little difficult to eat but they taste great. So watching my grandson fight to eat it and ending up with cheese whiz on his face was a blast. Yes he enjoyed it he had 2.

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This is me on a bad day.
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4 Responses to Whistle Dogs

  1. The ingredients are absolutely horrible but somehow, when combined, they turn into a fantastic decadent thing. Hooray for synergy! Nicely done.

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