Pierogies and Farmers Sausages

F56E512F-F460-4D09-9241-F6C23E37A35FA simple supper tonight, but it is one we both enjoy. Farmers sausage is a simple thing to cook, 50 minutes in the toaster oven at 350. Pierogies if you make them not so simple. We are lucky to be able to get very good pierogies at Sobeys. They are local made using Bothwell cheese. They are the second best pierogies I have had. The only thing different is they don’t have bacon in the potato cheddar ones. My wife has made pierogies and they were the best I have had. The ones from Perfect Pierogies if they had bacon would be as good as my wife’s. They were way to much work so she hasn’t made them in years. Most of the commercial pierogies say they’re cheddar and potato but it is a very little amount of cheddar. Perfect Pierogies make theirs with lots of cheddar, they even look a little orange. Their website says they make a potato cheddar bacon one but I haven’t seen them in the store yet. My wife likes hers just boiled, I am a boiled and fried guy. I have had them just boiled, fried, baked, even baked in a sauce. Have liked them every way I have had them. Over the years I have had many different fillings in them, the only one I didn’t enjoy was one with blueberries in it. My favourite is cheddar potato, and next would be sour kraut. Sour cream and fried green onions are a must for me with them. Two things if you haven’t had pierogies, try them. If you buy pierogies and haven’t had Perfect Pierogies find them and try them. You won’t every go back to the cheap frozen commercial one. They are simple to cook, if frozen thaw them. Place in boiling salted water, when they float to the top boil for 1 minute. Frying them is just as simple. Preheat a frying pan on medium heat with 1 tablespoon of butter. When the pierogies are boiled place in the frying pan. Fry them until brown on each side. This takes about 2 minutes per side.

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2 Responses to Pierogies and Farmers Sausages

  1. A_Boleyn says:

    I only made a small batch (32) of perogies once. It wasn’t a huge amount of work and enough for 5-6 servings. Froze well too. But I buy them frozen because they’re pretty good… even though the filling is rather standard.


    • glencairn says:

      I won’t mention the names of the frozen big brand ones but they are terrible. Over the years I have tried every different big brand ones available. I helped my wife the last time she made them, it is a lot of work. We were very happy when the Perfect Pierogies Company appeared. They are exactly like home made, my wife’s home made. If you look at their website I think they will send them frozen anywhere in the world. If you bought 20 or so dozen it would be worth it. Honestly if you did you would end up doing it all the time, there that good.

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