Air Fryer Frozen Pork Loin Chops

I just had to try cooking frozen loin chops in our air fryer, surprisingly it worked. Because I considered it and experiment all I did was salt and pepper them. As with any experiment I learned a lot. Firstly it does a very good job of cooking them evenly. They didn’t dry out and that is because they were frozen. Thawed chops I think would dry out very quickly so frozen is the best way with any pork chops. The most important thing I learned from this experiment is what to do before you freeze the chops. Before you freeze them either brine or marinate them. By doing that you can create a very flavourful chop. It would also work with boneless chicken pieces.

The chops were super simple. I took them out of the freezer and salt and peppered both sides. Preheated the air fryer at 200c for 3 minutes. Put the chops in and set the time for 12 minutes. After 8 minutes I turned the chops and let them cook for the remaining time. I did cut into one to verify that it was actually cooked which it was. If you marinate the chop and then freeze them this makes for a very quick supper. The total time with preheating was 15 minutes which I still find amazing. With the chops we had rice and broccoli and had a very good supper.

I have stated I am not a formally trained cook, I am just a man, husband, father, and grandfather who love to cook and play with food. I have no fear of just trying things for the fun of it and have learned a lot from the mistakes I have made doing that. I think one of the earliest things I learned is when you get a new kitchen toy is figure out how and why it works. The more you know the quickly you will learn how to use it properly and it won’t just sit in the cupboard and collect dust.

I try different things so I can learn a better way to do things, create different tastes to add to the flavour. I have never had something I would call and absolute failure because with every mistake I have learned a lot. From some of my mistakes I have made really good things because of the changes I have made. I have always wondered if a formally trained chef learns the way I do, from making mistakes.

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  1. Very cool. I got an air fryer for Christmas. I’m looking forward to experimenting and learning new ways of cooking.

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