Playing With An Air Fryer

My wife and I received a couple of gift cards as part of our Christmas gifts. Since they were for the same store we decided to buy an air fryer that was on sale boxing day at an unbelievable price. Our son has one and thinks it’s great, and I like new kitchen toys to play with. Also and air fryer is a much healthier way of cooking compared to deep frying. Since we both like eating healthy food it fits our life style.

Air frying is something totally new for me, and since I am a goofball I needed to find out everything I could about cooking with them. The manual, which I read, wasn’t any help with that. Thankfully there is plenty of information about them on the internet. For a goofball like me finding out exactly how and why something works is more important than using it.

Recipes for air fryers, think there are a few thousand different one. After my research I figured it was time to try it. Since chicken isn’t something I like it seemed the perfect choice for a trial. I looked at about a hundred chicken breast recipes and my wife picked one to try. I would of preferred using spices I picked but she wanted me to follow the recipe exactly, which I did. The air fryer itself worked exactly as advertised, the spices I used, that’s a different story. To be polite I will just say they belonged on a different protein other than chicken. The chicken breast was moist and perfectly cooked. Will say it came out of the air fryer looking exactly like the picture in the recipe.

I learned a lot from the trial which is a good thing. Because of how it works and how fast it cooks, conventional oven recipes will need to be modified heavily. Best example, dry spices on a chicken breast is not a good idea, they burn to quickly and don’t have time to penetrate the breast. Next chicken breast will be a wet marinade which will stand up to the cooking better.

Since I will be experiencing it will likely be a while before I post many recipes for air fryer. Like anything new there will be lots of mistakes, that is how we learn. Next experiment is french fries which will be on Monday. Read lots of recipes and instead of using any of them will do it my way

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  1. You are intrepid! I will be watching and learning.

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