Trying Something New For Yorkshire Pudding

I’ve been making Yorkshire Pudding the same way for years because our family loves it. Years ago I did a deep dive in tracing the history of it. After finding the oldest recipe that still exists I found it was basically identical to what I was using. When I looked at the century the recipe was from I immediately saw something that showed it was drastically different. The recipe I had been using called for two eggs and so did the old one. Thing was there weren’t any chickens in England in that century. They had to have been using either duck or goose eggs. To equal a duck or goose egg you need two chicken eggs. I made that change to four eggs the next time I made Yorkshire Pudding, they turned out perfect. They looked amazing when they came out of the oven and impressed everyone. The additions I made with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder gave the perfect flavour to them that our family liked. For years I have never made any more changes or additions.

When I was doing my research on Yorkshire puddings I also found how it was originally cooked. I was kind of shocked, I had always thought that a roast was cooked in a roasting pan so you could make gravy. Turned out I was totally wrong, From the research I found they did make gravy, the roast was cooked on a rack and they put a pan under it to catch the drippings. When the roast was just about cooked the poured the Yorkshire pudding batter into the pan and let it cook. So no gravy but lots of beef flavour in the pudding because the drippings continued to hit the pudding as it cooked. That got me thinking about a way to put beef flavour into the pudding.

Since I like experimenting with food I thought I would try something just to see how it would work. The recipe I use calls for half cup of milk and half cup of water. I replaced the water with beef broth hoping it wouldn’t screw everything up. It worked great and I still had impressive looking Yorkshire pudding. Best part is that they tasted even better. If the recipe you use for Yorkshire pudding calls for water try replacing it with beef broth, you’ll be impressed. It was just the store tetra pack beef broth, nothing fancy.

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  1. Emily B says:

    Very interesting, and your Yorkshires look amazing!

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