It’s Amazing How Our Tastes Change

I found a ham at a really good price yesterday and it is going to be our Sunday supper. Ham and mustard for me is a match made in heaven. Right now I have five different types of mustard in the fridge but I am making my own mustard this afternoon. Making mustard is something I have done for a very long time now and I like it with a lot of things. With ham of course but also in sandwiches and even on cheese.

My taste in mustard has changed drastically from when I was young. The mustard I make is much like the mustard my mother made and that I totally hated. The only mustard I would eat was yellow mustard ( hotdog mustard ). Any other mustard I found to strong and I only wanted mild flavours with everything I had. Even with ham it was yellow mustard and actually a lot of it. Now I know all I was doing was destroying the taste of the ham.

Now I want strong powerful tastes in a the food I eat. Sometimes it gets a little crazy like with hot sauce which I consume a lot of. No salsa on my tacos or quesadillas just straight Frank’s hot sauce. Garlic I use probably triple the amount you would find in similar recipes. Most of the mustards in our fridge are mustards that have strong favours, but there still is yellow mustard which I have on hotdogs. Making mustard is extremely simple and most people have mustard powder in the cupboard.

The mustard I make to have with ham took me a few years to prefect. You don’t want to use much because it still has the bite you get from the mustard powder. I have even used it as a glaze for the ham, but glazes on ham is something I rarely do. I have done different ones for company but the mustard glaze even company likes the best. Because I use a little oil in the mustard it will last covered with plastic wrap for about two weeks in the fridge.

1 tablespoon mustard powder

1 tablespoon dark brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/4 teaspoon olive oil, any oil will work

2 teaspoons vinegar ( the amount of vinegar can vary depending on the humidity and how dry the mustard powder is. Add a little at a time until you get the consistency of thin peanut butter.

Mix everything together well in a small bowl. Cover and refrigerate at least over night so the favours blend together.

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1 Response to It’s Amazing How Our Tastes Change

  1. Sheree says:

    You’re right – mustard and ham is a marriage made in heaven. Love your mustard recipe. I tend to use Dijon most of the time but I can see that, in this case, your recipe is much better suited to the dish.

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