Corn On The Cob

I am probably going to offend some people with this post. Peaches and Cream corn on the cob I think is an inferior product. Yes, it is sweet but, and it is a big but, it sadly lacks true corn flavour. I know it looks very pretty but that is were it ends, it just isn’t as good as true sweet corn. Having corn on the cob is all about the flavour of the corn not about how pretty it looks.

Having corn on the cob is a treat for this time of the year. Corn on the cob and bbqed pork chops is the treat of summer for my wife and I. It’s over Sunday supper tonight. This is the third time we have had it in the last two weeks. Hopefully we will have it a couple of more time before corn season is over. We are extremely lucky in Manitoba to be able to grow great corn. We have the perfect soil, and the perfect amount of sunlight it takes to grow it. For the last two weeks it has been available in all the grocery stores. I get to take a 10 minute drive to get corn that was picked this morning. Great corn on the cob is always better when it hasn’t been traveling for a week before it hits the stores. If you’re lucky enough to get local corn enjoy it. Just don’t over boil it, once the water comes to a boil it only needs 15 minutes. Never put it in boiling water to start it, like potatoes always start it in cold water.

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