First Week Of September And Christmas Breakfast Plan Done

Anyone who has followed my blog for awhile know I get a little crazy about Christmas breakfast. Sometimes it has taken me until December to come up with a recipe. This is the very first time I have had it finalized this early. Kind of find it a little strange to have it done this early but still very nice.

I have a warning for anyone who reads this, don’t ever get started doing Christmas breakfast like I have done. Make it easy on yourself and just make normal breakfasts. If you want to make different things at least never put the rules on what you make that I did for Christmas breakfast.

It has been over twenty five years ago that I can up with the bright idea to make something different every Christmas for breakfast. It seemed like such a great idea and I thought it would be supper simple to do. The rules I put on it back then also seemed like something that would be simple. First rule the breakfast had to have red and green in it, Christmas colours. Second rule was it had to be something that no one had eaten before. The last rule was the kicker, never make the same thing again and make each year different from the last year. All sounded so simple and god I was wrong.

It has been a challenge every year but the most fun I have had cooking. Every year our kids have been surprised and every year I hear that’s the best one yet. Last year was steak and eggs Benedict, sort of. This year has to be a complete 160 from that and surprise our kids. Like any year I started thinking about it in February, bouncing different ideas around. This morning after hearing a comment on tv the idea jumped in my head. It is the perfect thing and will make our kids laugh. Besides that it will taste great and make a perfect Christmas breakfast.

As usual I will post it after Christmas breakfast, it is almost completed and is in hold on my blog. Two reasons for that, I can easily post it Christmas morning and the recipe is there so I make it correctly. It’s going to be a fun Christmas breakfast.

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