What Our Family Meals Are

Yesterday we had a family meal, which is nice to be able to do again. Our family has gotten moderately larger over the years. Were others might think it would become a lot of work I just find it more fun. That may sound a little crazy, but when it comes to cooking for our family I am glad I am a little crazy. Yes it takes some time to get everything done but when it comes to family that time isn’t work, it’s fun.

For this meal it was suggested that I make chicken parmesan, butter noodles, and broccoli, suggestion may be light command might more describe it. My wife always makes desserts which was apple crisp and bread pudding. So family meals are never just me making it. Chicken parmesan with our family was twenty of them which was a joint effort with my wife, she brushed them which mayonnaise and I breaded them. Seems like twenty chicken parmesan would be a lot, leftovers was zero. Think next time it will have to be twenty four. Buttered noodles was two large bags which left no leftovers. Guess that is part of the fun I find in family meals, they finish what hits the table. Even my wife’s desserts seem to leave nothing but empty dishes.

It was our daughter-in-law Kelli’s idea that I take the picture and I am very glad she did. My normal picture are of my lunch or supper and I don’t even try to decorate my plate for the picture. Family meals are different because we want our family to have something that looks good when it hits the table. Taking that little extra step is part of the fun with family meals. It’s nice to hear them say everything looks so nice, from the food to the way the table looks.

Thing is it isn’t the table or the food that makes family meals so much fun for us. It’s having our family all together having fun and enjoying what they have to eat. The more our family grows the greater that feeling grows.

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2 Responses to What Our Family Meals Are

  1. It looks fabulous, Graham! We do the same when our boys (3) and their better halves come home. 🙂 I would love to pin your recipe to my Pinterest so I can make it one day soon, but I don’t see it. Will you share it, please? Thank you! – Melissa

    • None of my recipes are on Pinterest. I don’t ever use Pinterest so have never set it up. Will have our son Ian set it up. I don’t play with my blog I just post and since he is one of the head people at WordPress I just have him look after everything. No point in a dummy like me doing it when you have the guy who built the system as a son. Will let you know when he gets it done.

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