Simple Roast Pork Loin

Today was our weekly shopping trip, which covid forced us into doing. Yes, I miss deciding to make something and just running to the store to get what I needed. We got lucky and found whole pork loins on sale. When ever we find them on sale I buy one. After I cut the roast off the thick end, cut eight thick chops, the thin end is enough for a pork stew. One pork loin that was just over seventeen dollars ends up giving us seven meals, inexpensive eating.

So supper tonight got changed from fish to roast pork. The roast pork will give us enough leftovers to make another supper. Normally I make ” friday surprise” with leftover roast pork but this time I might make something different. Friday surprise I have been making for years and lately I have been thinking about how I could modify it a little. So with this leftover roast I might play a little with one of our favourite things.

Roast pork loin I keep it supper simple. When I breakdown the whole loin I trim the fat from the chops and put it on top of the roast, it helps keep the roast moist. I tie the roast, salt and pepper it and roast it in a 350 oven covered for 1 and 1/2 hours, uncover for the last 15 minute. It needs to rest for 15-20 before you carve it. With a pork loin you can make it a number of ways and I have. Over the years I have stuffed them with probably 7 or 8 different stuffings. Just about any stuffing works and makes a great meal but so does just keeping it simple. Tonight it was roast pork loin, duck fat roasted potatoes, and cauliflower, a simple delicious Sunday supper.

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