Holiday Decompression

Holiday are over and like every other year my week of decompression is over, thankfully covid hasn’t changed everything. I spend so much time thinking about and planning Christmas breakfast, dinner, new years eve supper, and my wife’s birthday supper I need a week to decompress. Suppers have been super simple, bacon and eggs, spaghetti, leftover lasagna, anything that I didn’t have to think about. Even tonight it’s just going to be pizza. If I was a goofball this week would of likely been a lot of ordering in. The only reason we don’t ordering in is because I still want to cook and since it’s winter I don’t want luke warm food.

Tomorrow is our weekly shopping trip and I can’t wait to hit the store and see what I can find to make something new. I know it’s not a great way to shop but I haven’t planned a single meal for next week. The meal planning will happen when we are in the store. Even a simple thing like a vegetable can lead me to a new meal, or a cut of meat that is on-sale.

Heard over the years how after the holidays people get in kind of a funk, and maybe that is what I go through. Every year it is the same and over the years I have tried to fight it, now I just except it. Thankfully it only lasts about a week and then I go back to playing in the kitchen. I don’t make new years resolutions that I save for my week of decompression. This year I plan on making things we normally have and blowing them up with changes. Have some good ideas on how to modify simple things like shepherds pie. This year in my mind is going to be fun.

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This is me on a bad day.
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