It’s Fun Cooking A Family Meal

For me cooking is always a fun thing to do. Cooking a family meal is an absolute blast. With a family meal it isn’t my playing with things that make it so much fun. The fun for me is making favourite things and noticing how quiet it gets at the table when they start eating. With our family it can get a little noisy with 3 or 4 different conversations going on at once, but that is the joy of a large family. When they start eating and it gets quiet then I know the meal is good.

I really need to start taking pictures of the quantity of food I cook for family meals. As our family has gotten larger and our grandchildren have gotten older the quantities have increased drastically.

Sunday was my wife’s birthday family supper, which was missing part of our family. One of our sons was in covid testing which wasn’t going to be completed until Monday so they were missing. Thankfully he tested negative. My wife’s choice for her supper was lasagna, caesar salad, and garlic bread. Sounds like a simple supper until you look at the quantity. It was 4 pounds of hamburger to make the meat sauce, and the mozzarella cheese was about 2 pounds. Reason it was so much was I made two 9×14 inch lasagna pans of it. The caesar salad was a 15 litre salad bowl that was a little over full. It had to be mixed in 2 bowls. Garlic bread I used 2 baguettes split in half.

That’s sounds like a lot but it really wasn’t. Leftovers, that would be no caesar salad, no garlic bread, and only 4 pieces of lasagna. When it was all at the table it looked like an amazing amount of food. As strange as this may sound the more food I have to make the more fun I have doing it. Guess other people would consider it a lot of work, but if your like me it’s not. I find nothing better in life, than showing my family how much I love them, by making a great meal for them.

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6 Responses to It’s Fun Cooking A Family Meal

  1. Cathy Sandercock says:

    You have truly passed along Grandma Stewart’s legacy.

  2. A_Boleyn says:

    I have the opposite problem as I have to scale DOWN recipes since I’m cooking for one. On the plus side, I can reduce my actual cooking to 3-4 times a week maximum.

  3. kevinashton says:

    I absolutely agree Graham, cooking for family and friends is a pleasure.

    Best Wishes

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