Christmas Breakfast 2021

After last year not being able to have my normal off the wall Christmas breakfast this year has been fun. A couple of months ago I decided this year was going to be based on a normal breakfast item. Based on is the key word because I don’t do normal for Christmas breakfast.

Steak and eggs you see on a lot of restaurant breakfast menus. It is something that I have ordered often and always enjoyed. Since I like playing this is only kind of like steak and eggs. The actual steak I replace with sliced deli roast beef, fried eggs became poached, toast became English muffins. So same flavour profile as steak and eggs just more fun. My must have red and green comes from the tomato relish and the fruit. Not a big breakfast but since we will be snacking on things all day long just big enough.

Deli roast beef heated in the microwave with a little beef broth

toasted English muffins

Poached eggs

mayonnaise horseradish worchestershire sauce spread

tomato olive parsley relish

Butter the English muffins with the mayonnaise spread. Add 2 slices of deli beef on each muffin. Add the poached eggs, when you break the yoke top with the tomato relish.

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