An Accidental Ham And Cheese Omelette

Sunday was a busy day for us, weekly shopping trip in the morning, grandsons hockey game at noon and another grandsons soccer game at two fifteen. Lunch yesterday had to be something quick so it was ham sandwiches. I bought more deli ham than I needed thinking I could have a ham sandwich for lunch today. Don’t know why when lunch time rolled around I was thinking of an omelette other than its been a few weeks since I had an omelette. Omelettes are a great thing whether you have them for breakfast, lunch, or even supper. Over the years I have put some strange things in omelettes, strangest would be sour kraut, hot peppers, and swiss cheese. Honestly I can’t remember ever having an omelette that I didn’t enjoy eating.

Don’t need to tell anyone how to make an omelette but there is a trick when using some things. With a lot of things you’re going to put in an omelette the microwave is your best friend. With the ham I spread it out around the plate I was using and microwaved it for 25 seconds. Putting a hot product on the omelette just make everything come together better. Anything straight out of the fridge will not get hot when you make your omelette, and you end up with something cold in the middle of your omelette. I like cold or cool things like tomatoes on top of my omelettes not in the middle. Sometimes a microwave can be a great help when you’re making lunch.

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