Back On My Christmas Breakfast Hunt

Thankfully we can have our whole family together for Christmas this year. Last year to put it politically correct was just weird. Making Christmas breakfast for our family has become kind of a tradition. It is my time to just let my mind go crazy and make something that is definitely not a breakfast thing. Admit I have been very lucky and everything has turned out and everyone totally enjoyed it. I set myself a rule that whatever I make the plate has to have red and green on it. So for the last month I have been thinking about what I could make that I have never made before. Another one of my crazy rules, no repeat breakfasts.

I have the breakfast plan finalized basically, just have to figure out what I am going to add to the plate. Had some very crazy ideas like hors d’oeuvres, things like bacon wrapped chicken livers, spinach and feta parcels, thankfully I scrapped that idea. Since I like to surprise our family with what I make I considered a normal breakfast, and that would be a shock for them. Considered a full English, fry up, what ever you want to call it. That got put on the sidelines because I thought it was to simple. The idea of doing something that you do see as a breakfast thing I really liked, but playing with the ingredients and doing them in a surprising way. So that is my plan and know what I am going to do will taste great and be a surprise for everyone.

What I am actually making will get posted Christmas Day which has become my normal with my blog. This will be one that you can do anytime you have company rather than one of my totally goofy things.

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