Remembrance Day, Never Let It Be Forgotten

One hundred years ago we adopted the poppy as a symbol of Remembrance day. Wearing it was to honor those who gave their lives in the first world war. Over the years Remembrance day has become much more than just to remember the first world war. Now the day is to remember all those who have worn the uniform of our country. Yes we remember those that gave their lives in defense of our freedom, as we should. For myself it is also a day to respect, honor, and show gratitude to everyone past and present who have served in our military. We owe our freedoms to all those people and especially to those who died doing so.

Now there are so many different just causes that we honor it is my hope we never forget on this day, that those causes would have no voice save for the sacrifices of our soldiers. No greater cause is there than showing respect and honor to our soldiers every November 11th. We must never forget on this day how great the sacrifice is that they gave, nothing must ever over shadow this day.

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