Is It A Right?

I’ll preface this by stating a fact, I firmly believe every person has the right to do things and the right to say no I won’t do that. I will always fight on the side of those rights, but that leads me to a major dilemma. With covid I hear so much about how wearing a mask and getting vaccinated infringes on a person’s “rights”. All my adult life when presented with a problem I have looked at both sides with equal vigour. I found doing that was the quickest and easiest way to find a solution. That has been what I have done with the question of masks and vaccinations and that created the dilemma.

I am fully vaccinated and carry my vaccination card in my wallet. This morning I went for a haircut, I wore my mask, I sanitized my hands when I entered the barber shop and sanitized them when I left before I took my mask off. Wearing a mask everywhere and getting vaccinated was my right of choice. I did my own research on masks and the vaccine, not from information from social media but from information directly from credible universities. That was my right and I exercised it. I hear the other side of that from the people who don’t want to wear a mask and refuse to get vaccinated. Yes that is there right and yes I would fight for them to have that right, thus my dilemma.

The reason for my writing this is I need someone to explain something to me. Yes people have a right to refuse to get vaccinated but doesn’t that right come with consequences. We have lots of rights, but miss using them when it can and may harm others come with consequences. I need someone to explain how the right to refuse to get vaccinated is different than those other rights.

I have the right to buy and consume alcohol. If I do and get in my car and unintentionally get in an accident and injury or kill someone I must suffer the consequences of it. I have the right to carry a knife but if I take it into a grocery store and start waving it around and unintentionally stab someone and put them in the hospital or kill them I suffer the consequences. I have the right to own a gun but if I take it into a shopping mall and start shooting and injure people or kill someone I suffer the consequences.

Someone who refuses to be vaccinated, gets covid but has no symptoms gets in a car and goes to a gas station and unintentionally infects people, some are hospitalized or may die. Is that the people who refuse to get vaccinated right. they go to a grocery store and do the same, is that there right. They go to a shopping mall and the same effect happens, is that there right.

The dilemma for me is I see no difference from drinking and driving, waving a knife or shooting a gun. Yes I have the right to consume alcohol, carry a knife, own a gun but I don’t have the right to miss use those rights and harm others. Does the person who refuses to be vaccinated have the right to unintentionally go out and infect others without consequences???

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This is me on a bad day.
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  1. boiledapple says:

    At least in Japan, we wear masks voluntarily, without being asked or ordered to do so. Here, if you do not wear a mask, you do not get any rights. The only exceptions are babies and pets, and they do not understand the implications.

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