For The Love Of Cheese

To say I just like cheese would be a gross understatement, which isn’t a surprise for anyone following my blog. Surprisingly one of my favourites, melted cheese got a lot of attention on my blog. Today’s lunch was a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich because I had leftover bacon from last night bacon and eggs supper. My original plan for lunch was cheese crackers and pickled asparagus but the bacon was calling my name. Tomorrow I will get back to the cheese and crackers and pickled asparagus because I still want it.

So just how bad is my love of cheese, best way to explain it is with what’s in my fridge. Of course there’s old cheddar, but there is a lot more. Really don’t think I have ever came across a cheese that I didn’t like, but there are a few I might only buy to make a special dish. So right now besides the cheddar here’s what I have in the fridge. Mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, ramano, swiss, provolone, two kinds of soft goat cheese, firm feta, and danish blue. Throughout the year a lot of different cheeses hit the fridge depending on were my mind goes when I am at the cheese counter. Smoked cheeses I like, for some strange reason, in the winter. Usually it comes down to my thinking I haven’t had that cheese for awhile so I buy it. Two types of cheese rarely ever hit the fridge, cheese slices and cheese whiz. Cheese slices I normally only buy once a year, that when I have had to BBQ hamburgers for our family. Cheese whiz I buy about every five years, having it on toast is kind of a memory thing.

The danish blue I will have some tomorrow and then I am making a treat out of some of it. If you like blue cheese what I am going to make may become a favourite thing for you also. Nothing ever goes to waste with blue cheese because I use it in about ten different things.

So the bottom line is I don’t just like cheese, l LOVE IT

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9 Responses to For The Love Of Cheese

  1. Enjoy your cheese-fest. I have found that Muesnter melts easily and can “convince” other cheeses to melt nicely, when mixed together. As for smoked cheese, I’ll take the Gouda!

    • LOL! danish blue screams loudly because you didn’t mention it. It is a love or hate kind of cheese. Muenster I buy a couple of times a year. It makes a great grilled cheese sandwich and works great for french onion soup.

      • I haven’t had Danish Blue, but I imagine it is tangy, like bleu cheese…and that’s a good thing!

      • Ok bleu cheese and danish blue cheese are the same thing, just danish blue is the very best English stilton next. If you like bleu cheese your going to really like what I do with it this weekend. Stay tuned for it LOL.

      • That would be four on my list of blue cheeses. Moldy cheeses, all of them are a great thing. They all go great with different things, danish blue goes absolutely perfect with one thing and that is what I am making this weekend. Rochefort is perfect stuffed in a fig, then wrap it in bacon and bake it in the oven. Hmmm maybe I do that this week.

  2. Have you tried a slice of toasted white bread with butter, watercress, pear and blue cheese? Or just the oear and blue cheese if short of watercress.

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