Our Family Birthday Supper Was Special

It has been a year since we last had a family meal with all of us being together. As weird as it sounds being apart actually made this family meal extra special. It was this feeling that we were all together and the world was finally right again. Amazes me how hard it is to put words to how great it is to have our whole family together. I would like to be able to describe how great it is but I know I would just screw up the words and sound like an idiot. So I will just say it was special.

The stuffed pork loin was perfect and moist, stuffing was the perfect stuffing for it. The onion mushroom gravy was perfect with the roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Star of the meal was the strawberry spinach salad with the poppy seed dressing. The favours tied together with the walnuts, garlic and onion made it a balanced meal. There was one bad thing about it, it’s going to be hard to top it for the next family meal.

Surprisingly the kids didn’t bug me about taking the few pictures I did.

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