Cross Hatching A Smokie

I can tell what everyone’s first thought was when they saw the picture. He cross hatched it to make it look pretty for the picture. I would of likely thought exactly the same thing years ago. That’s not even close to why I do it to a smokie, but it does look cute

There are two very logical reasons for cross hatching them. The shape of a smokie with regards to the shape of the bun is the first reason. Hotdog bun just don’t fit the smokie very well. Years ago I did have one that came in a curved bun, which worked great. Thing is where do you find curved buns, I sure can’t. My solution was to put the cross hatched in. When you put the cross hatches on the convexed and concaved side of the smokie it allows it to relax on the bbq. You place the smokie on the bbq concave up, as it cooks it straightens a little. Next you turn it over and finish the cooking a little more. In the end it just fits the bun better.

The very best reason for doing it isn’t that it fits the bun better. If you have ever had a smokie this will make total sense to you. Cross hatching it makes it a lot easier to eat. You can actually bite a piece off without fighting with the casing. If you like smokies give it a try, all you want to cut is the casing. Use a sharp knife and go no deeper than about a quarter inch.

Have to admit it does make them look pretty for the picture. Also they are not some strange brand of smokie, I just like putting bbq sauce on them when I cook them.

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This is me on a bad day.
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3 Responses to Cross Hatching A Smokie

  1. Sheree says:

    I’m assuming a « smokie » is a smoked sausage?

  2. dandmtravels says:

    Never would have thought. I will have to try it.

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