Battered Fish Picture As Promised

It has been raining since this morning, which we needed desperately, so I took haddock fillets out of the freezer. Rainy day seemed like the perfect day to have fish and chips. Since when I made the batter for fish last time I wasn’t sure it would live up to everything I was told it would. So I didn’t take a picture and that was a mistake. The fish stayed crisp right until I had the last bite and most importantly my wife said it was the best fish she had ever had. I said in the post I would take a picture the next time I made it so I posted it here and on the post with the recipe for the batter. I have to admit that is is the best fish I have had also. It still amazes me that the batter doesn’t get crisp until the exact minute the fish is cooked. If like us you love fish and chips but hate the fact it ends up soggy on the bottom while you’re eating it you really need to try this batter. It totally shocked me and amazed me.

No mushy peas with our fish and chips for two reasons, first I don’t like peas and second because they make me laugh. The reason they make me laugh is because of a story my grandfather told me about how they were created. He said it was the English aristocrats who created mushy peas. He said if you hold your fork properly for eating a meal rather than like you were in a barn forking manure you can’t get the peas to stay on the fork. The aristocrats thought stabbing them with a fork didn’t look dignified so they would mash them on their plate. When they’re mashed you can easily get them on your fork and into your mouth. Now I don’t know if it was just one of his story our it was based in fact but it made me laugh and still does. So no mushy peas on my plate.

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This is me on a bad day.
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  1. Sheree says:

    That batter does look crispy

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