I Can Bbq

I was told the reason I don’t like BBQ season is probably because I am not good at bbqing. It made me laugh, not even close to why I prefer other methods of cooking. Reason is simple, it all the hotdogs and hamburgers I have to BBQ Yes, i do Bbq other things besides hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken. It’s not that I can’t make really good things on the BBQ, it’s more I don’t get to do it often. Usually it’s just hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken that I am asked to Bbq, and the odd time pork chops. I find just doing those things kind of boring and more like work than cooking. Tonight I did get a little more creative, actually it started Thursday.

Shish kabobs I actually like making and bbqing, but I only make them a couple of times a year. Normally I wait and make them for a family meal but covid made things different. I have a lot of family meals to catch up on and none of them consists of bbqing. Last time I made them for a family meal it ended up being 32 kabobs, none made it for leftovers. Learned a long time ago that putting vegetables with the meat is a bad idea. You end up with two things when the are together. You get either under cooked meat and perfect vegetables or perfectly cooked meat and burnt vegetables. So for family meals the vegetables are their own kabobs

Tonight I had fresh garden yellow beans so no vegetable kabobs. Decide rather than potatoes, rice would be better and nothing fancy with the rice. The rice just had fresh herbs mixed in just before serving.

The pork kabobs came about because I was looking in the freezer in the fridge in the kitchen and found 2 pork sirloin steaks. Normally all that is in it for meat is hamburger, the rest is in the freezer in the basement. Since, because of hotdogs and hamburgers, I haven’t been playing much in the kitchen so kabobs seemed like a great idea. The steaks went in the fridge to thaw and Friday I made a simple greek marinate. It is about the simplest thing you can make, olive oil, lots of minced garlic, oregano, and lemon juice. It doesn’t matter what marinate you use it’s time that is important. For beef and pork you need minimum 24 hours, chicken maximum 8 hours.

If the world was a normal place and I was doing bbq season family meals there would be different things. Yes I would be forced to do hamburgers once, because our kids think I make good hamburgers, but that would be it. I have done blackened chicken on the rotisserie and roasts, even covered it with steak. I miss those times for two reasons, it gets me away from hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken but main it just having our family here. So the fun with the bbq is over and it will be back to the boring stuff.

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