Finally The Good News We Have Been Waiting For

Today was a very good news day for us. New covid rules come into play on Aug. 7th. Not much of it are things that excite us because there are still crazy people out there that refuse to get vaccinated and don’t care if they get it and infect others. So the rule changes that remove the mask mandate and make it a recommendation doesn’t mean we throw our masks away. Being fully vaccinated doesn’t mean we can’t ever get covid it means we have a very very good chance of never getting it. The one thing it truly does if give us a 99.9% guarantee of not dying if we do get covid. That is great for us but we will continue wearing our masks in stores and sanitizing what we bring home until we have had months of zero cases. We do feel comfortable enough now to have lunch in a small restaurant after the 7th and I will be able to go for coffee with friends again.

For us the greatest thing is our whole family can finally get together for family meals. In the last year and a half we have only had our whole family together once for supper. Yes our family has been here separately in that time, but all of us together we have missed greatly. There is nothing better for parents than having your whole family together, it’s a feeling I can’t put in words. The changes were announced this morning and with our whole family fully vaccinated, except for the youngest grandkids, we are already planning a family supper later this month. Since I am a goofball my mind is already flooded with different ideas for what I can make. I just have to remember not to get totally carried away and forget who I am cooking for. So finally after all these months I finally get to cook for all the most important people in my life, my whole family!

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This is me on a bad day.
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