Robbie’s Tin Foil Desert Packets

Desert is something I normally don’t even try to make because my wife can do a much better job of it. Occasionally I do venture into her space just for fun and if I am honest to bug her a little too. Over the years that has evolved lemon meringue pie, cherry pie, ginger bread cake and a few other things. Usually there are a lot of years between my attempts at desert. Few years ago I made this desert and was surprised how good it was and am going to make it again when I bbq steak and chicken.

What got me thinking about it was bbqing steak and chicken last night. When I do the two different things it always makes me think of my friend Robbie. He does the same thing, his wife Cathy doesn’t eat red meat and he loves a bbqed steak. So like myself he will bbq something else for her. After I posted my tin foil packets with carrot, onion, and potatoes he left a comment. He had always left what went with the steak and chicken up to Cathy to figure out. When I read the comment I could see how that would bug Cathy. The tin foil packets worked out for him and gave Cathy a break.

Since I know Robbie, I know Cathy has to put up with him and that is a full time job. So I figured, after laughing for a couple of minutes, he should treat her a bit and make her a nice desert. I immediately thought this desert because it is super simple and kind of fool proof. Oh! It also tastes pretty good. That’s why I titled this Robbie’s tin foil desert packets.

1 banana cut lengthwise and each half cut in 4 pieces

3 thin slices of butter, I cut thin slices off a pound brick of butter that are about an eighth of an inch thick

1/3 cup of brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

tiny amount of salt

cooking spray

tin foil

vanilla ice cream

Spray the shiney side of the foil with the cooking spray. Add the banana cut side up, top with the butter and then sprinkle with cinnamon. Sprinkle the brown sugar and salt and seal the packet well. When you take whatever your bbqing off turn the bbq off and place the packet on and close the lid. When you finish eating go get the packet, open carefully and spoon everything over vanilla ice cream.

Make Cathy happy Robbie and make her desert when you bbq your steak.

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2 Responses to Robbie’s Tin Foil Desert Packets

  1. Rob says:

    I’m honoured to have you name one of your gourmet recipes after me 😝…I think… I’ll save it for the next bbq session

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