Immunization Card, A Damn Good Thing

I apologize for what I am going to say here and how I am going to say it. Normally I bite my tongue on a lot of things I see and hear, but sometimes I just have to say it. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and glad of that fact, and yes we have our immunization cards on our phones and are waiting for the hard copies. Getting fully vaccinated is a necessary thing with covid 19 and knowing we have protection is a very comforting thing. We not only protect ourselves we protect the people around us. There are some jackasses out there that think the vaccine is a terrible thing, and they are truly jackasses. Those total fools who believe in the junk that comes from places like Qanon and news outlets that don’t deal in the truth can only be called true jackasses. They use the garbage they get from those places or twist religion to use as an excuse for not getting vaccinated. My feeling is that if those people get covid and infect another person that dies they should be charged with murder and put in jail.

There is a new thing happening now that is probably just as bad as what the jackasses are doing. Last night on the news they interviewed a person with the canadian civil liberty association and I couldn’t believe the garbage I heard. It was clear that person had never seen an immunization card. They stated it may infringe on a person’s right to privacy with their medical information if someone ask them to prove they are vaccinated. Here is how big a pile of bullshit that is. The card doesn’t even show my full last name and the only thing it shows if scanned is that I am vaccinated. Now how is that infringing on my right to privacy of my medical information, clearly it does not. Next thing was it discriminated against people that have a medical or religious reason for not getting vaccinated, again totally more crap, they can get exemption cards. Worst of all was that if a business would not serve you unless you had proof you were vaccinated they would be discriminating against people who refuse to get vaccinated. But the biggest bullshit I heard was that a fully vaccinated person that gets covid, and that is a very rare thing, can infect people the same as an unvaccinated person. The science shows very very VERY clearly that that is not the truth. Again more false information to promote the crap that immunization cards are a bad thing. The tv station should be embarrassed for doing the interview and the person giving the interview should be ashamed of themselves for given false information.

I listened to it and never once did I hear anything about MY RIGHTS as a fully vaccinated person. The only rights that seemed important where the rights of the JACKASSES who don’t believe in science and refuse to get vaccinated. My rights are I think more important than the jackasses and the rights of my family are also. I have the right to ask if the person serving me is fully vaccinated and if they aren’t to refuse to have them serve me. I have the right to ask a business if their staff is vaccinated and refuse to do business with them if they aren’t. We have a world wide crisis and we need to fix it and a vaccination and an immunization card is the best way to do it. Being asked to show your vaccinated is NOT infringing on anybody’s rights to say that it is is bullshit. The people promoting the jackasses that refuse to get vaccinated are just as bad as the people they promote. People need to open their eyes and the people who follow the rules and protected the people around them by getting vaccinated need to speak up. Don’t let the jackasses be the only ones talking, we need to speak up and say WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO.

Again I apologize for the language and the way I said what I felt needed saying


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5 Responses to Immunization Card, A Damn Good Thing

  1. Say it as you see it…that is everyone’s right!
    Here in Costa Rica we have been told that those vaccinated can both catch the bug and pass it on…that is from the medical authorities who are doing their best to roll out the vaccine programme.
    My husband cannot take any vaccine, but no provision has as yet been made for exemption certificates…though as yet there is no provision for vaccination passports either.
    We have vehicle restrictions, sanitary measures for shops and limited occupancy of shops,public buildings, etc…but that is it.

    • Here they have already set up the provision for medical and religious exemptions. I understand the medical exemption and it is necessary and needed. The religious exemption will be abused by the anti-vaccers and that is another problem

  2. I learned a long time ago to not believe everything other people tell me and to do my own research on everything. Research doesn’t come from the people on tv or the things on Facebook and other sites. Research comes from looking at the scientific data directly and is what I did. As to me being a ball buster, last time I made a comment on my food blog was when George Floyd was murdered.

  3. Science is not based on fears or beliefs. Science is liberating!

    • True my friend, problem is to many people don’t look at the science for themselves, I did a know you did too. Letting others tell you and not doing the research yourself, just believing anything you see or hear not a good thing. Doing leads to what is going on now.

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