Front Porch Sittin And Sweet Tea

A couple of weeks ago I texted a friend to see if he and his wife and family were doing ok. Kind of felt bad that I hadn’t done it sooner, but been kind of busy with our move and getting all the new furniture. It really bugged me because I realized I had been using everything as an excuse for not checking on friends. Not checking on friends in normal times isn’t a good thing and with covid restrictions it is a bad thing.

When I got his reply over and hour later it surprised me. He had been having his afternoon nap, which he said was a benefit of being retired. Now, not many things that Robbie would do have surprised me but afternoon naps did. Of all the things I could of thought of Robbie doing since we both retired afternoon napping would of never came up. I have never been a napper, and never thought he would be either. We talked for awhile and when restrictions allow we will get together for coffee when he is in the city.

Now napping doesn’t work for me as a retirement benefits but I do have somethings that are a definite benefit of being retired. My blog is probably the biggest benefit that retirement has given me. It’s summertime and I find I am doing something I never thought I would ever do. I have started sitting on the front porch in the afternoon and having a couple of glasses of sweet tea. For Canadians that’s ice tea, but I learned the first trip to Pheonix never ask for ice tea. Ice tea there was just that, cold tea poured over ice cubes. Learned quickly to always ask for sweet tea and then I received what I was actually wanting.

I don’t like sitting in the sun and never have so with a covered front porch I have plenty of shade. I could just have water but there is just something about having sweet tea and sitting on a front porch. Don’t know why it just feels right but it sure does. It also has another benefit, people who are out walking stop and talk for a few minutes. So Robbie has his benefit, which I still find strange, of being retired and I have mine which he likely finds strange. For me front porch sittin and sweet tea are a great thing.

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  1. Sitting on the porch i a favourite here in Costa Rica…you chat with all the neighbours passing, keep an eye out for suspicious characters, and take life easy. Our h ouse lies well back from the rod, so we can sit…but not connect!

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