A Summertime Treat, Corn On The Cob And Bbqed Pork Steak

This has become kind of a ritual thing with us every summer, it kind of says for us “hey it’s summer”. The first time we find decent corn in the store it’s a must buy. Living in Manitoba we get great corn in late August and what in the stores now is really just ok. Still for us it’s something we just have to have, and likely won’t buy again until we get local corn. Today I ended up with peaches and cream corn and that didn’t come with my saying great.

You can call me a corn snob but I think all peaches and cream corn is not great corn. Yes, it’s cute looking corn but I have never had a cob that had great corn taste. Even field corn (silage corn) if you get it when it is just barely ripe is better corn. There are farmers here growing peaches and cream corn and I have had it, it still isn’t great. Have to admit the local is better than what I bought today, but just barely. Plain sweet corn just has more corn flavour, but still what I bought today is corn on the cob.

Will not go into details about how much I like eating corn on the cob, let’s just say I think it is one of the greatest things to eat. My wife accuses my of eating a shopping cart full of it at a fall dance, it was a lot but the shopping cart was very small. So yes, tonight it wasn’t the very best corn but it was corn on the cob and I totally enjoyed eating it. No recipe needed because it was just bbqed pork steak and corn on the cob.

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2 Responses to A Summertime Treat, Corn On The Cob And Bbqed Pork Steak

  1. The corn I get here is nowhere near as tasty as the corn we grew in Europe.We tried european seed, but the daylight hours are just not sufficient so we have to make do with what we have.

    • Yes, for good corn you need the perfect amount of sun or you end up with a poor product. My father grew great corn on the farm, silage, seed, and sweet corn. Trick is planting the rows east to west, gets the sun to the middle of the row. Here we grow the best corn in North America, it’s the soil and the amount of rain and sun and temperatures.

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