Tomorrow Is Freedom Day

It’s finally here the day we get our second shots. We have been waiting just about two months for it. Still will have to wait two weeks to be completely covered by the vaccine but that will be the easy part. Nicest part is all our family, except the ones under 12, will get their second shots in the next two weeks. So finally once the restrictions are eased for fully vaccinated people we will be able to get together for family meals. That is what we have been waiting for all these long months. Not much else will change for my wife and I for a few more months. We will still wear masks when out shopping and continue with sanitizing everything and the hand washing. Reason for that is because even with both shots you’re not 100 percent protected. When about 85% have both shots then you can say we are 98-99% protected and then the masks aren’t needed. It may seem that we are going overboard with protecting ourselves, but safe is better than sorry. When you’re in a big box stores you have no idea if anyone else standing around you has even had their first shot or have vivid. Same thing with all the things you’re buying could of been put on the shelf by someone with covid, or the person touching it before you also. We will be able to get our hair cut again and meet our fully vaccinated friends for coffee, which will be great. So yes the important things for us will change and kind of get back to normal.

There is one bit of a pain getting our shot tomorrow, our appointment is at noon and is a 25 minute drive, but it was the quickest place to get the shot. Told my wife I would of drove for an hour each way if it meant 1 day sooner. Since lunch is going to be late tomorrow my solution is fried chicken tonight and the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I consider that offsets the pain of the appointment because I like making fried chicken, and my wife likes eating it

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This is me on a bad day.
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