It’s BBQ Season And I Am Praying For Rain

This time of the year is not my favourite when it comes to cooking. BBQ season for most people is a great time of the year, but mine comes with a small problem. My wife thinks every supper should be something I cook on the bbq. Honestly I mean everything, for example to night I am making quesadillas and she asked if I was bbqing them. Guess it would be possible but I think that’s just taking using the bbq for the sake of using it.

Our bbq spend the winter in our sons garage because of our move and got delayed getting here a month because of a number of reasons. Some reasons were my saying lets look at next week, others the weather. We got it here last Thursday and I cleaned it Saturday. So in 5 day it was bbqing 4 times, first time I was happy with, I got steak. Next was hamburgers which I normally would rather not BBQ, but they were actually good with the Weber’s steak seasoning. Still the Salsburys house bacon bacon burgers is way better. There was also chicken and bratwurst and in the bbqing.

I actually like bbqing, well bbqing something’s, a good rib steak should only be done on a bbq. Bbqing is something my family thinks I do well, and really like my hamburgers, I would rather have a hotdog. Kabobs I do well and totally enjoy eating, should get the picture of the 40 kabobs my son took. So yes I enjoy bbqing especially for my family, but it should be a 2 or 3 times a week thing. My wife thinks it should be a 6 or 7 times a week thing, that’s why I am praying for rain.

Tomorrow is going to be 38 (100) and I am not leaving the ac so no bbqing. Thankfully my wife likes hoggies so I went to the store and got stuff for them. It may not be raining tomorrow but I won’t have to bbq. Would rather have the rain than the heat but I will take what I get.

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This is me on a bad day.
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2 Responses to It’s BBQ Season And I Am Praying For Rain

  1. That’s just a slow-pitch softball approach. I’d say that once you reach 83º you’re just getting ready for the sweaty fun that outdoor cooking provides! You should crank up the grill 8 days a week! Tuna fish sandwiches, iceberg lettuce, parfaits, you name it! Get out there and grill, son! 🙂

    • LOL! 83 I wish, Friday was 98 humidity 89%, yesterday 92 humidity 93%. Yes the meatball stuffed squash is really good. Playing MTL and not doing well, down first 2 games. Playing tonight and at end of 2nd losing 3-1. Weird after knocking EDM out in 4 straight. Second they finally started playing their game with speed so hopes for 3rd since they have scored 4 goals in 9 minutes before.

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