Hockey Playoff Season

It’s hockey playoff season and I am a hockey fan, well to be precise a Winnipeg Jets fan. To say the first week of the playoffs for the Jets ended as everyone expected would be a lie. Team did the unexpected they beat the Oilers 4 straight games to advance in the playoffs, now we wait to see who we play next. Cooking for me in playoff season is a secondary thing, I just keep it to simple things. So it has been pizza, quesadillas and other things I can make without much thought. Tonight my wife is cooking, something she likes, spaghetti squash stuffed with meat balls. It’s a good dish and is on my blog already. Later this week since the Jets get a break waiting for their next opponent I am going to make homemade pasta. Been a few years since I have made it so it will be fun. Recipe I have makes great pasta and I have the 00 flour to make it. Will post it and put pictures of my toys I have for making pasta. Homemade pasta is actually very simple to make and tastes a lot better than the dry pasta. My wife is very happy that I am getting back to making pasta, think it is mostly because it keeps me busy.

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1 Response to Hockey Playoff Season

  1. All that hockey talk nearly put me to sleep but, when you mentioned pizza and quesadillas, I perked up. And then you made me pay attention with spaghetti squash stuffed with meatballs. That sounds very interesting. I’ll root for the Jets with you. It looks like you’ll be up against Montreal next. Best wishes.

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