Mother’s Day Pesto Chicken

When I was going to ask my wife what she wanted me to cook her on Mother’s Day I knew it was going to be either lasagna, manicotti, or chicken. She picked chicken but the pesto chicken did surprise me. Of all the chicken I have cooked pesto chicken is the one I dislike the most. She knows I don’t like it so she said I could have shrimp. The reason I dislike pesto chicken is because I don’t like pesto, the basil, cheese, and olive oil are fine but the pine nuts are a no for me. I have made it will other nuts but still don’t like it. Find that with most nuts I really like them but totally dislike them ground or in a paste. Peanuts in the shell I eat every summer but I totally hate peanut butter. Freely admit that is a bit weird but have never hidden the fact I can be weird.

My wife really likes pesto chicken and I like cooking it for her. We got to see our family for a short time today with proper social distancing. That was nice for my wife on her day and I got to enjoy it too. Making pesto chicken for her and just for her is a nice end to her Mother’s Day.

Pesto chicken is a really simple thing to make, if you like pesto. You can find plenty of recipes and most are very similar to mine. Mine is what my wife likes and she says it is delicious, and when you cook, delicious means it must be good. This is still a recipe for two because my wife likes the leftover in a wrap for lunch, which for me is another indication it’s good. I used a good quality pesto from the store for this recipe but have made my own other times, either works.

2 flattened chicken breasts

2 tablespoons pesto

slices of tomato

2 tablespoons finely grated asiago cheese

Salt pepper to taste

Salt and pepper the chicken breasts, spread a tablespoon of pesto on each. Cover each with tomato and sprinkle a tablespoon of asiago cheese on top of the tomato. Bake in a preheated 425 oven for 25 minutes.

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3 Responses to Mother’s Day Pesto Chicken

  1. Pesto chicken – yes! Nut-hater, bad. At least you are considerate of your wife’s preference! 🙂

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