Mother’s Day Suppers

This is the second year that I am cooking a Mother’s Day supper. Normally we would go out as a family for Mother’s Day Brunch at one of the hotels. It was always a great time and great food that everyone always ate to much of. Supper for my wife and I on Mother’s Day was something simple or leftovers. Last year covid changed that so I cooked something special for my wife. I was hoping this year things would be back to normal. No luck with that as we are experiencing a third wave of the damn thing. Hopefully in a month our level of vaccinations will be high enough that we see the end of the third wave.

I have had a bit of a busy week and haven’t yet asked my wife what she wants me to cook for her on Mother’s Day. Waffles for lunch I had already planned on making but supper is totally her choice. This evening I will ask what she wants and I can guarantee it will be one of three things. It’s going to be either lasagna, manicotti, or chicken. Which ever she picks I will totally enjoy making it for her, she is a great mother to our kids and deserves something special. I hope things get back to normal for next Mother’s Day because I know how much she misses our family all being together. The little things I can do are a poor substitute for the joy our family gives her, but I try to make her day special.

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