Small Change To Back Bacon And Mushroom Pizza

I guess if I was an American I would call it Canadian Bacon and Mushroom Pizza, but I am not so it’s back bacon and mushroom pizza. Won’t get into a discussion of the name lets just say it’s a great pizza. For me one of the nice parts of it is I don’t have to make two pizzas or a half and half pizza. This is about the only pizza toppings that my wife and I can agree on. Since I found my large pizza pan and made the pizza dough my wife keeps asking for pizza. Kind of amazed that she likes the pizza dough as much as she does, it’s such a simple dough to make. It is fun make the dough and making pizza and I am very glad she keeps asking for pizza.

I did make a small change to the pizza dough recipe the last time I made it, I add one and a half teaspoons of garlic powder to it. My wife liked it more than the original so I will continue with the garlic powder. I thought I would try it because we both like garlic, wasn’t sure my wife would think it was a good idea. Lots of my tries like that I get told never to do it again, but not this time.

The mushrooms I sauteed just long enough to get the moisture out of them. Sometimes you end up with little pools of liquid on your pizza, sauteing them just works. The back bacon was cut thick so I sauteed it also just to make sure it was cooked when I took the pizza out of the oven. Since I got away with the garlic in the dough I thought I could get away with adding chopped green onions. It turned out to be a nice addition and I can see other pizzas it will work with also. Even with pizza trying different things works out sometimes. Best example I can think of is ham and pineapple, it was tried and worked and now just about every pizza restaurant has it on the menu. One last point on that, it was created in Canada.

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