The Weather Is Crappy, A Normal Thing

We’re on our second day of crappy weather, it’s snowed for 2 days. Everything looks like it’s the middle of winter not the middle of April. Worst part is the wind which is creating snow drifts. Living in Manitoba you get use to having weird weather but even for Manitoba this is unusual. I can remember other times it has snowed in April but not for 2 days straight. I can even remember getting up on June 4th and finding the ground white. Our weather had been great, Sunday was plus 12 and then by 9pm it was minus 2 and snowing. Kind of wish I had made other plans for supper this week. Weather like this makes you feel like having stew or homemade soup, not the farmers sausage we are having tonight. Hopefully this ends by tomorrow morning I have to go into the city for a haircut. I think we all get use to the quirky weather we have in Manitoba, but sometimes Mother Nature still surprises us. There is a good thing to having these 2 days of snow. The farmers need the moisture because we didn’t get our normal amount of snow in the winter. At least someone has been smiling these last 2 days.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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2 Responses to The Weather Is Crappy, A Normal Thing

  1. Do you know this ‘Song of the Weather’ by Flanders and Swann?

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