Vaccination Done, Pork Buttons For Supper Tonight

Getting our vaccination went way better than I expected. Thought we would probably spend about a couple of hours waiting. From the time we parked the car at the convention center we were back in it 49 minutes later. It impressed me how organized they are and how efficient it is handled. The longest part of the whole process was the 15 minute wait after we got the shot.

Side effects, nothing really, only thing is my arm is a little sore where the injection was. Not what I would call painful but I wouldn’t want someone to slap my arm. The other side effect is it feels damn good to know that the end of this is just about here.

Figured we might as well have something good for supper tonight. Was thinking of ordering something in but decided I would make pork buttons. Checked to see what people were looking at on my site and pork buttons topped the list. Had some in the freezer so figured why not. Both my wife and I really like pork buttons so the perfect thing to have on a Saturday for supper. Same recipe as I always make, sweet and sour pork buttons. It’s a simple recipe and works perfectly with pork buttons. Tomorrow is our weekly shopping trip and I already have some ideas for next week’s meals, should be a fun week.

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3 Responses to Vaccination Done, Pork Buttons For Supper Tonight

  1. I’m glad your spirits are up and I’m glad you got the vaccine. My wife and I received our fist dose and we’re headed back for the second one next week. Our experience was similar to yours. Very organized and very quick. I hope scientists can develop a vaccine for kids soon. That would set my heart at ease. Enjoy every moment!

    • Thanks. Yes it is nice to get the shot. Hope you didn’t have a long wait time between making an appointment and getting the shot like we did. 18 days waiting was a bigger pain than I thought it would be. Yes sooner everyone get at least the first shot the better. Cooked a treat for supper but you will have to look at the post to see why.

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