Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Tomorrow we get our vaccinations, it has been to long a wait time since we made our appointment. Understand that appointments are necessary but don’t understand why the wait time should be this long. Thankfully the wait is over and hopefully the wait for the second shot won’t be as long. This week, possibly because of the wait, supper has been simple things. Leftover roast beef, denver sandwiches, and a stir fry. Kind of funny for me to have a week where thinking about different things I could make was not something I wanted to do. The most thinking I did about food this week was how many of the woody ends of asparagus I would put in the ham stock I made yesterday. With the ham bone I had in the freezer my original plan was to make a totally different soup. What I made today was the NuPac ham soup I have made before. Didn’t feel like think about a new soup I could make so just went with a recipe that required no thinking. Even tomorrow keeping it simple and making mac & cheese. Hopefully no bad reactions to the vaccine and next week get back to the goofball I am and get goofy with what I make.

About Graham Stewart

This is me on a bad day.
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