It’s Been A Weird Winter

I knew this winter was going to be a bit weird with covid poking its ugly head around the corner, but I didn’t expect it to be this weird. The weather has been something I can’t remember ever being like this. Yes there has been times in February and March where we have had warm spells. Even times when we have had rain but mainly it’s just cold with lots of snow. Winnipeg has the nickname Winterpeg which has been well deserved. Normal we get weeks of minus 25 (-13) with lots of wind which makes it even colder. We usually get a week or two of minus 40 (-40) and sometimes that has lasted for just about a month start.

This year has been totally different which has been kind of nice. We have had just 3 days of minus 40 and only about 10 days hanging around minus 25. We have had lots of days were it has been above 0 (32). So over the years I have seen lots of temperature swings every winter but nothing like yesterday and today. For March, where things get weird normally, this hits a new mark. Yesterday was a beautiful day with the temperature hiting a new record high of plus 20 (+68). Last night it rained for about 2 hours. This morning when I got up it was minus 14 (+7). It was snowing and we have a 37 kph (23mph) wind with gusts to 72kph (45mph). So in less than 24 hours it has gone from a beautiful day to a totally crappy winter day. Since I started typing this the sun is now starting to shine as the clouds start to break up. Starting Thursday we will be back into great weather.

So this winter started out with covid making it weird and then the weather took over. Given how crappy covid made everything the weather here has given us what turned out to be a nice winter because we weren’t freezing for months. Still I would of rather put up with minus 40 than covid. Minus 40 you can dress for, covid you can try to avoid and so far we have. Cold over covid is kind of a no brainer, cold wins that one all the time.

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This is me on a bad day.
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